Cloud computing value proposition

Reducing costs, reinventing your business model and future of workplace


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Cloud computing value proposition

Cloud computing is an on-demand service that you pay and rent out to get resources like lighting bulbs in your house from the electricity grid. You pay for how much you consume in computing, storage, software, networking, etc., which offer economies of scale during spikes and flexibility to bring down the resource when no more needed. That was referred to as on-demand in the beginning compared to the upfront investment of these resources.

Emerging trends in Big Data, Data Science, Machine learning, Blockchain, Quantum computing, and Artificial Intelligence are compelling reasons to adopt the cloud. Reinvent your business model and the future of the workplace with Data analytics, the Internet of things, Web 3.0, Metaverse, Computer Vision, and Mixed reality in this competitive market.

The promise of cloud services reducing costs could be more favorable to some organizations. Reducing costs, the main reason for moving to the cloud is a debatable in real terms. Hence, the FinOps foundation was formed to create a culture of managing cloud costs. This laid down the framework for cloud financial management discipline, principles, personas, and phases to achieve better maturity and accountability in cloud spending.

Refer to to understand the framework, training, and certification program on FinOps.

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