Microsoft Viva suite of products fosters better Employee Experience (EX)

Happy customers = Happy employees is a no-brainer today. Customer Experience (CX) to Employee Experience (EX)


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Microsoft Viva suite of products fosters better Employee Experience (EX)

People are crucial to every organization’s success because they implement management’s goals and strategies. Success depends on employees’ skills, knowledge, and dedication. Productive employees have a strong work ethic, knowledge, experience, and loyalty to the organization’s goals. Motivated and inspired employees boost company success. Employees can contribute ideas and feedback while working. They’re close to the action and can boost operations, efficiency, and expectations.

Open communication and innovation can improve productivity. To attract and retain a diverse workforce, organizations must embrace diversity and inclusion. Inclusiveness and diversity foster creativity and remain the center of our work. Effective Human capital management is crucial for long-term business success.

Happy customers make happy employees. Happy employees give better service, which makes customers happy. Happy workers boost customer service. They’re motivated and have a positive attitude. Customers are treated better by harder-working employees. Customers can detect happy employees.

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Happy customers are more inclined to return, refer, and give favorable feedback. This can boost sales and revenue, improving the workplace for employees. Unsatisfied customers can lead to high personnel turnover, low morale, and a foul bottom line. Customer and employee satisfaction are interlinked, and happy employees lead to happy customers, who lead to happy employees.

A happy employee often leads to a happy customer. The relationship is cyclical, and organizations should strive to create an environment where employees and customers are satisfied.

Happy customers = Happy employees is a no-brainer today.

Starbucks, Ikea, and Decathlon are among a few of the numerous successful examples from the industry; that is where you will witness this as you enter any outlets across the globe.

Microsoft Viva suite aims to retarget industry managers’ focus from Customer Experience (CX) to Employee Experience (EX) with the help of connection, insight, purpose, growth, and role-based experiences from Microsoft Viva products.

Microsoft Viva Suite

People on the internet are facing an information flood. Likewise, every employee in any organization sees information overload on the intranet. Leaders and managers aim to keep everyone informed, included, and inspired. However, people are preoccupied with work, meetings, daily activities, and ad-hoc disruptions.

A smooth flow of information is critical in this fast-paced, demanding, and distributed workplace, breaking the human filters, ensuring the appropriate information, and absorbing the right message.

With Microsoft’s mission to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more, the Viva suite has become a critical product in the Microsoft Teams platform.

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