Hybrid work is seeing unprecedented growth and evolving new ways to work.

A modern workplace and the Future of work are essential topics of discussion post-pandemic.


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Hybrid work is seeing unprecedented growth and evolving new ways to work.

A hybrid workplace is a new norm. Here is what a modern workplace looks like: start your day with tea/coffee, check emails and calendars on outlook mobile, check chats and projects status on Microsoft Teams, and create or review documents. At the same time, while commuting, join meetings and stay up to date. Later, in the office, conduct meetings, take notes, and share meeting recordings with action items, collaborating with various teams and connecting across the company. In a hybrid setting, people work from home, the office, or anywhere and are connected, can collaborate, and be productive. While people are getting acclimatized to this technological and cultural change, they have mixed feelings about this workplace arrangement. Few are apprehensive about productivity, accountability, and security. At the same time, another section of people is concerned about the well-being of the employees. Both are equally valid and genuine concerns. Microsoft has a significant investment in Microsoft 365 platform to address these with Microsoft Viva on Microsoft Teams.

This is an excerpt from my book that I am writing on Microsoft 365, Power Platform, and Microsoft Teams.

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